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Educational Tour 2019

The Annual Educational Trip for the year 2018, which was supposed to be organised in the month of December got delayed due to inclement weather and was finally conducted on 13th January, 2019.

Though the morning was chilly, all the students assembled at the right time, bubbling with energy. They were packed off in the waiting bus along with the teachers and resource persons. The bus headed to National Science Centre, Delhi.

At the venue, Vivekdeep group was greeted by a very welcoming staff. The scientific exploration started with a 3D show on the human digestive system and skeleton system called “The Hollow Show”. The show was followed by an interactive exhibition where the students tried their hands on some fun-filled activities to test their sensory organs. The enthusiastic students went to the next gallery to experience the utility of science in real life situation. Next in waiting was a 3D show on Dinosaurs, which shot the excitement of the students to the pinnacle. The exhibits displayed on different types of dinosaurs in ‘Prehistoric Gallery’ were also breath-taking. In ‘Emerging Technology Gallery’ they were appraised on Space Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Medical and Biotechnology, Oceanography and Earth Sciences. The ‘Blue Planet Show’ left them all awestruck as they saw the simulated models of all the planets on a sphere. The last gallery was a live demonstration of various scientific principles, where the students volunteered and participated in the experiments.

Then was the time to savour a scrumptious, hot meal. With a knowledgeable mind, a filled stomach and a satisfied heart the journey culminated at Vivekdeep in the evening.

Overall in was a day long enjoyable learning experience for all.