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Online classes at Vivekdeep are being held using Google Meet and Tablets
Social Outreach Program of distribution of food and essential materials continues

‘Vivek’ means inner conscience, the ability to discriminate between good and evil; and ‘deep’ is the light. Our objective is to help illumine one’s guiding light with Vivek.

The vision of Vivekdeep, which is a Sri Ramakrishna Sangha initiative, is to impart value based education to the underprivileged children of our society; to kindle the lights of their conscience for spiritual awakening, mental agility, and physical strength.

Vivekdeep was launched in Apr, 2014 for some boys belonging to the BPL  section of Matiala village near Dwarka, New Delhi. Over the years, it has grown into a big umbrella under which 50 young minds ( boys and girls) of the age group 10-15 yrs undergo regular training on holistic development that includes Life Building Skills, Personality Development and different Academic subjects like Science, Mathematics, EVS and Languages. There is a fully equipped Computer Laboratory where the students hone their skills on the latest developments in Information Technology.

The program is so designed that the learners become Spiritually awakened, Mentally agile and Physically strong.

Every day the classes start with meditation and recitation from scriptures. Then the academic subjects like Mathematics, General Science, Social Science and English are taught. Knowledge delivery is done in such a way that there is at least one moral take away irrespective of the subject.

At the end of the class, students are given milk and fruit. Regular medical check-up is also conducted for the students. In this short span, Vivekdeep has shown remarkable impact and people from various walks of life are eager to join this unique movement.

In light of Covid -19, the classes are being held in an online mode. Over and above attending the regular classes, the students enthusiastically take part in various awareness programs and use their creativity to spread relevant messages through drawings, models, songs etc. as how to fight this pandemic. It is touching to see how these young minds are growing up to become sensible citizens of our country.

We earnestly request volunteers of all age groups to come forward in transforming young lives and be a part of this nation building movement. We assure you of a very satisfying experience, which will in return, enrich your lives too.