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Online classes at Vivekdeep are being held using Google Meet and Tablets
Social Outreach Program of distribution of food and essential materials continues

Girls’ Section

After a long wait of 5 years it was an opportune moment for Vivekdeep to take a giant leap. And it did so. Today (19th Apr, 2019) Vivekdeep moved to a new premises to fulfil its dual-dream: facilities for girls students and a Computer lab. 

Now Vivekdeep will strive to brighten up the lives of girls students as well, because ‘when you educate a boy, a person is educated; when you educate a girl, a family is educated’. Also, it is essential for a student to remain abreast of the latest technological developments in Education through ICT. 

In an enthusiastic gathering of our friends, well-wishers, students and their parents, today we pledged to develop educated and responsible citizens who will easily circumvent their personal frontiers and work for national interest.