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Independence Day 2018

Vivekdeep- the Social Impact Programme of Sri Ramakrishna Sangha celebrated 72nd Independence day at Shanti Garden, Dwarka with a lot of gusto and fanfare. The progamme started with flag hoisting along with national anthem. The bright and enthusiastic students of Vivekdeep were beaming with patriotism, as they sang the national anthem. 

The cultural function started with the students chanting Shanti Mantra in Sanskrit with immaculate pronunciation. It charged the whole atmosphere with positive vibrations and uplifted the mind of one and all. This blissful chanting was followed by a speech by the President of Sri Ramakrishna Sangha, Shri Rajib Roy, who enchanted everyone with his definition of ‘Independence’. In his speech, Shri Roy recalled the heroic deeds of our freedom fighters and their unparallel sacrifice. The audience remembered the heroes of the freedom struggle and paid homage to them.   

Shri Roy further explained that independence is not only the freedom we enjoy from the British rule, but the essence of freedom is to break all bondages of physical and mental limitations which have engulfed us till now. We need to take ourselves out of this cage and be independent in true sense.  

This inspirational speech was followed by a Hindi poem ‘Jai Jai Bharat Desh Humara’ recited in chorus by the students. The rhythm and coordination with which the students presented the poem left the audience dumbstruck. 

Next in line was the soul stirring dialogue about Swami Vivekananda’s views on ”Independence” presented by the Sr. students of Vivekdeep, which enthralled everyone.

Thereafter, the audience was in for a surprise. The students recited an English poem of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam titled “To my dear soldiers”. Their pronunciation, presentation and voice modulation were astonishing and praiseworthy.  

The most innovative presentation was a mime on Religious Harmony. It depicted the importance of national integration with the clear message that all religions are essentially same; they are only different paths to reach the same goal. The performance was truly commendable and the message ‘Fight not, but assimilate’ was loud and clear.

At the end, a vote of thanks was presented by the Managing Trustee Shri Arun Dey, who urged upon everyone to be on the look out for a bigger premises so that Vivekdeep can expand its activities in terms of Training for Girl students and Computer Education, and thereby reach out to more beneficiaries. 

Friends, well wishers of Vivekdeep and the parents of our students who were in the audience were full of praise for this wonderfully crafted programme.